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Harry Cross Sportsmanship

The Harry Cross Sportsmanship Award was created by Jay and Steve Cross in honor of their father Harry. 


For many years, Harry dedicated a lot of his time to our sport, supporting the clubs, working at the tracks, and going above and beyond in helping make our sport what it is today.  After leaving the trottingbred arena, Jay moved onto racing Standardbred Harness Horses and is an active USTA Director.  Steve is also involved with Standardbred Harness Horses at Hoosier Park where he announces races.


The Harry Cross Sportsmanship Award was established to recognize those individuals  who go above and beyond in helping make our sport successful, being an active member of track clubs and helping to ensure our sport continues. 


Each year, the LaGrange, Nappanee, and Goshen Clubs nominate a person from their club to be placed on the ballot.  From the three nominees, the Midwestern Big Four Members cast their vote for who they feel is the best recipient of this honorable award.



  • 2005 - Steve Pippenger

  • 2006 - Bud Hostetler

  • 2007 - Merv Hostetler

  • 2008 - Todd Hostetler

  • 2009 - Garold Delagrange

  • 2010 - Willie Borkholder

  • 2011 - Ken Miller

  • 2012 - Don Blosser

  • 2013 - Don Stebbins

  • 2014 - Bruce Wyman 

  • 2015 - Rick Hostetler

  • 2016 - Alan Earl

  • 2017 - LeRoy Kirk

  • 2018 - Kevin Slabaugh

  • 2019 - Nathan Miller

  • 2020 - Devon Miller

  • Derek Lee

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