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The Trottingbred Horse was developed in the early 1960's by crossing the strong and tenacious Welsh, Hackney, and Shetland Ponies with full Standardbred Horses for their speed. The cross created a very versatile horse willing to do anything asked of it.


In 1977 the Trottingbred officially became a recognized breed of horse by the American Horse Council.  Today, they are primarily used for Harness Racing in the United States, Bermuda, Canada, and Italy, but are also used for trail riding, driving teams, horse shows, and pulling Amish Buggies.


Within the Trottingbred Breed, horses are know as Pacers and Trotters. 

  • A Pacer moves both the left-front and left-rear legs forward at the same time and the right-front and right-rear forward at the same time 

  • A Trotter moves the left-front and the right-rear legs forward at the same time and the right-front and left-rear forward at the same time

Breeding,  Raising & Racing Trottingbred Horses

  • Only registered Trottingbreds and registered Standardbreds can be used for breeding. ​

  • Only registered Trottingbreds can be approved for racing in Trottingbred Harness Races.


  • In order to qualify for racing, a Trottingbred is required to measure no taller than 51 1/2 inches (shod).  Measurements are taken from the ground to the top of the withers.


  • Race Meets are held at half mile, 5/16 mile, and quarter mile tracks.  Horses race for one half mile and are placed in races based on their earned qualifying times.


  • The current World Record for Pacers is 1:00.0 on a 5/16 mile track, held by Mr. Kool set on August 31, 2012  at Nappanee Indiana.


  • The current World Record for Trotters is 1:02.3 on a 5/16 mile track held by Kruzn Chevy set on August 6, 2021 at Nappanee Indiana.


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